Who owns the Gulf of California... USA or Mexico?

Representatives of the Morena party, revived last year a discussion of an issue that seems most unusual and incredible, but is totally true. Mexico does not own the Gulf of California and the United States has valid claims to that sea.

At the end of September last year, the senator from Baja California Sur, Lucia Trasviña, asked the Mexican government to claim absolute ownership of the Gulf of California because there are very strange interests in the region and its sovereignty should not be questioned.

She demands that the Mexican Constitution be modified to clearly include that the Gulf of California is the absolute property of the nation and not just an Exclusive Economic Zone.

The fact is that there are concerns about its ownership due to arrangements and concessions given to the United States by President Benito Juarez and that to date Washington has direct access to the dry riverbed of the Colorado River, specified in the border treaties of 1848 and 1853 that are still in effect.

"Let's take back the Gulf of California", is the phrase used by Senator Trasviña. That sea has undoubtedly been in Mexico's possession.

For the month of December Senator Carmen de Leon Gastelum, also made a similar initiative signed by representatives of all states bordering the Gulf of California, to amend Articles 42 and 48 of the Mexican Constitution to annex that sea.

“The bill, which has been turned over to the Republic Senate stresses on the need to make clear the fact that even when the Sea of Cortez is internationally considered part of the Economic Exclusive Zone of Mexico, its current juridical status allows us to claim total sovereignty over its waters, since there is no explicit acknowledgement in our Magna Carta stating that they are part of Mexico´s territory”, said Senator Leon.  

Both initiatives have not progressed and were put on hold.

The United States, according to the State Department, maintains two claims over the Gulf of California. The first one from 1969 in which it does not recognize absolute Mexican property and a similar one from 1986.

These are pending issues that have not been solved and no progress has been made, but possibly this year the subject will return to the Mexican House of Representatives.

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