British woman found dead in La Paz last Friday night

A lady named Olivia called the city police because she found her friend dead in a vehicle in the garage of her home in the Jardines del Sur neighborhood.

She told the officers that her friend, who was originally from England, had not answered her phone since Friday morning, so she decided to go look for her at her house located on the streets of Obelisco and Damiana at approximately 8 pm that day.

When she entered the house, she searched every room until she found her friend unconscious in the garage inside her Volkswagen Jetta. "I thought she was unconscious so I called the Red Cross."

Paramedics confirmed that the 78-year-old woman named Kathleen Frances had already died, apparently of natural causes, as there were no traces of violence at the scene.

The Office of the Attorney-General opened an investigation into the death of the British citizen under file number LPZ/23029/2020.

Kathleen worked as an English teacher at the Colegio Anahuac, that is one of the best known in the capital of Baja California Sur.

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Publicado por Cesar Valencia Marquez en Domingo, 14 de junio de 2020

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