Los Cabos and La Paz open to tourism on Monday

Yesterday night,  the Baja California Sur governor, Carlos Mendoza Davis, announced that starting Monday hotels and restaurants in the state may open their doors, but they must observe some restrictions in terms of health and prevention of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is part of the opening of the activities considered as non-essential and will go from level six to five, as determined by the State Security and Health Council.

Economic activities such as sport fishing, hotels, time sharing, restaurants and bars are restored. For this, all health protocols must be observed, in addition to a distance of four meters between people in public service areas all over the state, from Mulege to Los Cabos.

Each business (like restaurants or stores) will be allowed to work at a capacity of 43 SqFt per person. In open spaces (like parks and beaches) that the municipalities announce will be open at a capacity of 30%, and recreational and sociocultural activities will be allowed.

The same State Health and Safety Council will observe from 15 to 21 June that these protocols are strictly complied with and will meet again for an evaluation. In the case of a significant increase in coronavirus infections, further restrictive measures will have to be taken.

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