Threats to journalists cannot be tolerated in Baja California Sur

Two reporters were threatened in Baja California Sur, by people related to the government, which puts in distress the local journalists who disapprove that the aggressions continue.

It should be remembered that Mexico is already the most dangerous country on the continent for journalists. More regional reporters have been killed here than any other place on the Western Hemisphere. To this alarming situation, we add the sophisticated digital campaigns to discredit their work, which also puts their lives in danger.

In La Paz reporter Juan Carlos Mendez Ramírez was threatened last Friday by local congressman Humberto Arce Cordero and his worker who was identified as Genesis Cesena.

Both were reported to the Federal Attorney's Office, which initiated the FED/BCS/337/2020 file.

Also on Sunday, Los Cabos reporter Hermelinda Vargas of Colectivo Pericu blog, was threatened by a National Guard officer while giving news coverage to a traffic incident on the federal highway.

Hermelinda and Juan Carlos are members of the Mexican government's Mechanism to Protect Journalists and Human Rights Activists.

Numerous reporters and editors said that the threats and break-ins at homes and offices of journalists appear to be on the rise in Mexico.

The president of the local journalists' group ARSAC, Pedro Mazon Benitez, said that threats to journalists will not be tolerated in Baja California Sur.

El día de ayer cuando acudí a un reporte vial y, al momento de tomar una fotografía para publicar y recomendar...

Publicado por Meli de Morgan en Domingo, 14 de junio de 2020

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