Cabo San Lucas: Sad goodbye for woman who died in Jet Ski accident

The street vendor who died in the jet-ski accident on Medano beach last Friday had a sad farewell as her own colleagues had to put up the money for the funeral services.

Adrian Mendoza, who is a leader of the CROM union of street vendors, said the jet ski rental company, while taking responsibility for the accident, did not pay for the poor woman's expenses.

He added that it was not the first time that the lady had problems related to jet ski accidents in Medano Beach. Alejandrina Garcia de la Rosa was her name.

What is known about this situation is that the jet ski, due to a possible mechanical failure, was activated without a driver at full speed on the beach and out of control, it came out of the sea and crashed into the woman and two other tourists who were at the ARRE MANGO restaurant. They were injured.

The facts are being investigated by the Attorney General's Office. They are asking the port captain's office not to allow the operation of jet skis on that beach without security.

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