CORONAVIRUS: One of the largest hospitals in Baja collapses (Video)

Yesterday a recording was released, where nurses announced that the ISSSTE hospital that receives covid-19 patients from all over the state in La Paz has collapsed.

This hospital serves bureaucrats and recently the Teachers' Union (SNTE) had stated that they had many problems, because they needed doctors and medicines. Something that this year has been worse than ever.

The information has been made public by the employees, since they are officially forbidden to talk about what is going on inside.

But they confirm that there is currently "hospital fatigue" as all the personnel have been prohibited from going on vacation to attend covid-19 patients.

Doctors and nurses need rest! At the moment they do not have other alternate centers to send coronavirus patients who are not very sick, so there are critical moments.

All messages are from the internal WhatsApp Group or what they tell reporters from anonymity.

In spite of the above, the government of Baja California Sur announced that as of September, other non-essential activities will be opened to continue reactivating the economy. These are movie theaters, haircuts saloons, gyms, boat tours and churches.

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