LOS CABOS: Community Alliance Supports 23 Community Kitchens in the Aftermath of Hurricane Genevieve

After the storm, the sun rose and there was much to do. Once the rains caused by Hurricane Genevieve stopped and the clean-up work began, it became apparent that there were thousands of families that were left with close to nothing. Lucia Frausto, Board Member of the BCS Community Alliance said; “there are many families in Los Cabos living in irregular settlements on the dry arroyos. All these families were greatly affected by the flooding caused by the rain that Genevieve brought to the area. That is why we decided to secure and deliver aid for community kitchens and reactivate the massive delivery of food packages to the areas that were hit the hardest by the rains. "

The aid and delivery of supplies to the community kitchens was achieved immediately thanks to the participation of the Alianza para Seguridad Alimentaria BCS (Alliance for Food Safety – ASA for its acronym in Spanish), one of the founding organizations of the BCSCA, incubated and led by International Community Foundation (ICF) since its inception, which works with several community kitchens across the state. 23 community kitchens set up their facilities last weekend right after the storm, 9 in San José del Cabo and 14 in Cabo San Lucas. The Community Alliance delivered the necessary supplies for the preparation of more than 3,500 meals, which were delivered last Sunday to these community kitchens. The meals were prepared and available for pick-up as food “To Go”. This means that beneficiaries have to bring their own containers to pick-up the food and take it home to share with their families. This initiative to supply community kitchens with prepared meals will continue for another five weeks in coordination with “Chefs for Los Cabos” who will prepare 1,000 meals every week with the beef and chicken that will be supplied by the BCSCA.

In-kind donations for these community kitchens consist of one ton of chicken, 500 dozen eggs, 1.4 tons of vegetables (potatoes, carrots, chilies, onions, and tomatoes) and 250 food packages. These supplies were used for meal preparation which was conducted by volunteers. “It has been a huge logistical effort by ASA and the BCSCA which coordinates the receipt and distribution of donations in kind,” says Frausto. Special mention is made of the generous donation of 1,800 chickens by Bachoco, this type of donation makes the continuous operation of the community kitchens possible. These kitchens constitute an element of hope and relief for those facing these difficult times.

Similarly, in the aftermath of Genevieve, the BCSCA redoubled its efforts to deliver food packages (despensas) in coordination with state authorities and the armed forces of the state’s security table to bring food aid to families in vulnerable situations. The commitment is to continue with the delivery of 30 thousand monthly pantries until the end of September, since the distribution of food packages is the most urgent requirement.

The Baja California Sur Community Alliance (BCSCA) is a coalition of 191 philanthropic private assistance organizations and the business sector with civil society. It is a movement that has achieved results through integrity, respect, leadership, transparency, and collaborative problem solving with the private, public and nonprofit sectors. The Alliance (BCSCA) is a citizens’ initiative without any affiliation to political parties, which was first conceived over a year ago, with the support of ICF and its donors, due to the urgent need to provide food safety across the state and takes on an important role in response to the crisis caused by the effects of the presence of COVID-19 in our state and meets the needs of equipment and resources for health institutions and the food crisis that thousands of families go through in BCS.    

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