45,000 Dollars Worth of Jewelry Stolen in Todos Santos Expat Home

Last night, officers of the Municipal Police were instructed by the radio operator to go to a house located on the streets of Topete and Horizonte, in the San Ignacio neighborhood, where the owner reported that several things had been stolen.

When the officers arrived, they spoke with the victim, who said that when he returned to his house, he noticed that the glass in the back door was broken.

Upon further examination, he observed that the following was missing:

  • 500 dollars in cash
  • 1 Nikon camera
  • 1 portable solar lamp
  • 1 Hair clip (15,000 Dlls value)
  • 1 Pearl Necklace (15,000 Dlls value)
  • 1 Gold bracelet with diamonds (15,000 Dlls value)

The officers took note of what happened there. They recommended the property owner to go to the Attorney General's Office and report the theft to begin investigations to find those responsible.

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