CORONAVIRUS: No one died in Los Cabos this weekend

For the first time in two months, no one has been reported to have died of coronavirus, which is very encouraging news about the great battle front that is being waged in Los Cabos.

The above was announced by Mr. Julio Castillo Gomez, President of the Los Cabos Business Council, after holding a ZOOM meeting with authorities of the State Commission for Sanitary Risks, the Municipal Fiscal Inspection and Police Department.

He pointed out that there is a report that several businesses do not follow the health protocols in places that go from Aguajitos Street to the Lomas del Sol neighborhood, that is why the authorities will make an extra review in order to comply and have better effectiveness in breaking contagion chains.

In the same way, Castillo Gomez announced that a large information campaign is about to be launched to inform citizens via social networks and WhatsApp groups, since there are still reports of family meetings for parties or gatherings, where measures such as healthy distance, use of masks and application of gel are not being respected. "We want to avoid cross-contamination," he said.

Despite the fact that we are at the orange light "the good news is that today we still have the same percentage of hospital occupation as on Friday, which is 17%," he added.

There are 25 patients in public hospitals and 2 in private clinics. In total in Los Cabos there are 159 people diagnosed as active cases of covid-19.

"But this is the first weekend that officially no deaths from covid have been reported," concluded Julio Castillo Gomez.

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