Good News: Los Cabos will be at 100% by June 2021... Wow!

If all the sanitary protocols work well, by June 2021 the tourist destination Los Cabos will be totally recovered and receiving visitors like never before.

The above was exposed in the Madrugadores Club (Zoom conference) by the president of hotels association in Los Cabos, Lizli Orcí Fregoso, who has been optimistic because there is "a vibrant recovery and the projections are positive".

It is expected that in November there will be an occupation of 41 percent against 79 percent of 2019.

Despite the fact that there was a closure of hotels due to the pandemic, strategies to achieve recovery as soon as possible were never left unworked.

I announce that there will be new promotional campaigns such as those implemented by the Private Tourism Trust, where 69 partner hotels contribute resources on a monthly basis, being this organism a sort of "lifesaver" in the current situation.

The president of the Hotel Association said that Los Cabos is the first spot in Latin America to receive INTERTEK certification with the British company Cristal, recognized worldwide for its high standards of cleanliness in food handling, granted to hotels, resorts and restaurants of the highest level in the world.

To date, none of the major hotel and real estate projects have been suspended. Tourists choose Los Cabos for safety, price, cleanliness, time-share, location and availability, giving favorable results in the perception and confidence not only of the tourists who visit us, but maintaining the trust of investors.

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