Los Cabos: This is disgusting!

Yesterday afternoon Facebook users from Los Cabos were once again upset after photos began circulating of a tiger shark caught on La Ribera beaches by local fishermen.

La Ribera is a little town located just north of Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, home to hundreds of sharks that have made the place famous as a conservation site.

Fishing for tiger sharks is not prohibited here, but local anglers prefer not to do so since there is no demand in the local market.

Tiger Sharks are rarely caught and what bothered Facebook users were photos of people posing next to this approximately 6.5 foot long specimen.

All kinds of disapproving comments were made against the persons who posed with this beautiful specimen.

It is important to note that the Cabo Pulmo Marine Park offers swimming with sharks to tourists from all over the world, a unique experience since this species has never attacked humans in the area.

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