They claim to have seen a UFO over Los Cabos (VIDEO)

Over four hours, a circular object remained static above the city of San Jose del Cabo, so witnesses who managed to videotape the phenomenon claim that it was a UFO.

This happened from 10:30 PM on Wednesday, when this luminous sphere was observed approaching from the north of the city and then remaining static four hours.

The residents of the 5 de Febrero neighborhood in the City's historical downtown, came out in awe to observe and videotape with their cell phones the UFO that was emitting flashes of blue, white and red.

They tried to give a logical explanation, after discarding that it was an airplane, drone or a star. Nothing of the sort.

Starting this morning, they sent the video to several local media, to share points of view and to know the true nature of this object that after remaining parked over the city's sky, began to ascend and then got lost in the sky.

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