Waldorf Astoria Cabo San Lucas sued for environmental damages

The councilwoman of Los Cabos, Tabita Rodriguez Morales, announced today that has sued the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Cabo San Lucas before the Federal Prosecutor's Office, due to the possibility of committing environmental violations at the site where the hotel is building three breakwaters with heavy machinery.

Since June, the newspaper "Peninsular Digital" reported that the company introduced heavy machinery without any signs or care in the place that is a turtle nesting area.

In addition, due to the deflection of the waves, more than a kilometer of beach has been eroded, so the authorities must investigate whether this is directly related to the modifications made by Waldorf Astoria.

For now, the councilwoman presented in her complaint an analysis of the scientific and marine biologist Graciela Tiburcio about the damage to the nesting sites and the habitat of the sea turtles caused by the heavy machinery hired by that company.

Despite having federal permits, it is overlooked that it can cause damage to the dune area and if this persists, it can also affect the world famous sand falls in the arch area.

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