A beluga whale was found on Baja beaches (VIDEO)

A group of fishermen from Mulege made the unusual discovery of a specimen of the marine creature known as beluga whale, while it was floating lifelessly over the waters of the Laguna Ojo de Liebre, north of Guerrero Negro.

The strange thing about the discovery is that the natural habitat of this specimen is the icy Barents seas, on the coasts of Russia and Norway, near the Arctic Ocean.

They also usually live and reproduce in the icy waters of Greenland, Canada and Alaska, where they protect themselves in groups to preserve the species, under a temperate climate and far from extreme heat and high temperatures.

In the case of this specimen, it would have lost its course due to a navigation error, causing it to make a mistake in the direction it should go in order to survive.

The discovery of the beluga whale took the fishermen of Mulege by surprise and they made the encounter public through a video shared on Facebook.

Social network users asked environmental authorities in Baja to investigate and publicize the causes of death and details about the origin of the white mammal that perished in the middle of Ojo de Liebre lagoon, since it could be an interesting reference in the history books of marine fauna in Baja California Sur.

On July 7th also a beluga whale was seen off the coast of San Diego.

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