Heavy fines to bars for crowding in Los Cabos

Last night, the health and civil protection authority of Los Cabos intervened in three bars that had a capacity greater than 50 percent according to the photographic and video evidence obtained.

For that reason, it was determined that the businesses would be closed and a fine of 300,000 pesos would be applied, since they had already been warned that there would be no tolerance.

The health safety council established that no space can exceed 50 percent of the capacity in any space, whether open like beaches or parks or closed like restaurants.

The bars that were fined are: Happy Ending, Crush and Cantina Mexico. All located in the tourist area of Cabo San Lucas.

Today the bar Farenheit warned its customers that it will close its doors to not allow crowds of people on the occasion of Halloween. The same thing will be done at Squid Roe bar, but starting at six o'clock in the afternoon.

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