Los Cabos dog shelter needs help!

There are many altruistic people in Los Cabos. Some have managed to form associations with the government, others are doing it on their own.

Hermelinda Vargas, one of the best known reporters in Los Cabos (Colectivo Pericu), has founded a dog shelter at her ranch in Vista Hermosa neighborhood.

"Actually this is not a dog shelter, what happens is that I love dogs and my work as a reporter on the streets led me to pick up many of them that were abandoned on the ground and bring them home. Today I have difficulties, but I even buy them tortillas so that they don't lack food," says Hermelinda Vargas.

She currently has 37 puppies, the great majority rescued from the streets and others, which she collected in the rural area.

"I put them in my car myself when I heard that the ranchers were going to kill them because they were causing them harm. I brought them here to my house," says the reporter known for covering events related to public safety.

Keeping the animals has come at an additional cost to her. Her husband supports her, but it has not been enough to buy food for all the puppies, which also receive veterinary care.

"Recently, the municipality's health office helped me to have the place sanitized, but if it is complicated at times to feed them, I pay the costs of their vaccines and veterinary care, and having so many here sometimes makes me desperate," says the reporter.

At her San Jose del Cabo ranch, happy animals enjoy being free, they are truly happy.

Hermelinda Vargas says that if anyone wants to help her, they should call her on the phone, especially with dog food. It is 624 157 9663 where she receives also messages from Whats App or or heart contributions via Paypal to the account colectivopericu@gmail.com where she will be grateful.

She will personally appreciate each contribution through a video on her personal Facebook profile MELI DE MORGAN.

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