Los Cabos: Health office closes two bars due to crowding


The Los Cabos government and health office closed the restaurant bar "Nowhere" and "La Vaquita", which were caught admitting many more customers than the 50 percent allowed over the weekend, according to video and photographic evidence.

The call was made to respect all security protocols, since they do not want to encourage a resurgence of coronavirus that would force the closure of all businesses and hotels in Los Cabos.

It is reported that the pandemic is currently stable and Baja California Sur is at a yellow light, without an accelerated increase in cases, but at the same time, they have not decreased with a trend towards green light.

Currently there are 16 very critical patients, intubated in Los Cabos hospitals.

It is reminded that there will be no halloween meeting and any crowds will be disbanded by the police and health inspectors.

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