Los Cabos Pandemic Controlled and Stable

The president of Los Cabos' businessmen, Julio Castillo Gomez, announced that the pandemic has remained since September 9th in a range that, although it has not meant a worrying increase, it has not gone down enough.

At the end of the COVID-19 evaluation panel, Castillo Gomez said that today 31 patients were reported as being in public hospitals and 148 active cases were being monitored.

"In the range of active cases we have remained between 140 and 190, we have almost a month and a half the same. The same in hospitalizations, 21 percent over a month and a half".

In that sense he said he will continue "working on awareness with the productive sector, trade, restaurants, hotels, the halloween theme of not promoting events, or invite citizens to go downtown from the neighborhoods.

Castillo Gomez said that today not only are the CORONAVIRUS tests done by hotel companies to their employees, but "it is already extended to all companies. It is fundamental for the location of asymptomatic cases for the best control of the pandemic".

For that reason, he continued, "we are going to intensify the review of the compliance with COVID protocols in all businesses, both in the tourist area and in the neighborhoods".

"We don't want to make the same mistakes that have occurred in European cities with outbreaks and, in Mexico, Acapulco with problems, Huatulco that is already closing its beaches (...) we want to keep Los Cabos with a controlled situation of the pandemic. It is for the good of all", he concluded.

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