Pandemic Alert Level Decreases in Baja California Sur

Based on the improvement of epidemiological indicators that the state has registered in the last weeks, Baja California Sur will advance from 4 to level 3 in the health alert system by Covid-19 from October 5th to 11th.

This move was made unanimously by the representatives of the municipalities, health institutions and the State Government. The transition to level 3 takes place once the rate of new infections shows a stable trend today, with a moderate decrease, said the governor, Carlos Mendoza Davis.

Baja California Sur also presents a 30 percent reduction in hospital occupancy by Covid-19, a 45 percent drop in deaths and a 39 percent decrease in active cases, in addition to being, in recent weeks, the state with the highest rate of diagnostic tests applied throughout the country. 

Sports tournaments are restarted in stadiums but without an audience.

As far as the La Paz Malecon is concerned, it will remain open only for sports activities during the hours established by the municipal authority.

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