Police save baby from death in La Paz

An action worthy of great social recognition was carried out by officers of the Municipal Police, who saved the life today at noon of a 15-day-old baby who was having difficulty breathing in El Mezquitito neighborhood.

The officers  were in the area, when via radio they were asked to report to Rodolfo Martinez and Gilberto Castillo streets, where the emergency was happening.

When they arrived, the infant's mother, who was already in a state of unconsciousness and presented respiratory insufficiency, was waiting for them.

Immediately, Deputy Carolina Martinez began to apply mouth-to-mouth respiration and resuscitation massage, to which the little girl responded positively and recovered after a few minutes.

An Calafia Group  ambulance arrived at the site and took the baby to receive medical attention at the IMSS Hospital.

The little girl's mother, Mrs. Tania Piñuelas, thanked the police officers who saved her life.

They are deputies Carolina Martínez Lopez, Monica Sandoval Castillo and Jose Antonio Salas Suarez, of SPM 148 patrol car.

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