The United States has claimed the Gulf of California from Mexico (VIDEO)


In Cabo San Lucas all the members of the parliamentary group of the Labor Party (Partido del Trabajo) met, where it was announced that the government of the United States is claiming from Mexico the property of the Gulf of California, so from today an information campaign starts so that Mexicans know about this threat to their sovereignty.

It was the representative Salvador Minor from Baja California, who announced to journalists that Washington has tried on several occasions to buy the entire peninsula and now, maintains its interests over the Gulf of California which the government of Mexico will not allow.

He proposes to change the Mexican Constitution in articles 27, 42 and 48, so that Mexico includes within its territorial limits the entire Gulf of California, considered today as an international waters space.

This whole process will begin in Congress next Tuesday to involve the 500 representatives of all political parties, said representative Salvador Minor in front of three maps of the peninsula and Gulf of California.

All the representatives of Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonora and Sinaloa will participate. Ten million people from those states will be informed in a broad campaign in favor of Mexico's sovereignty.

Interviewed on this matter, the candidate of Morena for Governor of Baja California Sur Javier Aja Carballo, said he supports this initiative and in the same way, he asks Washington not to meddle in the affairs of the peninsula, since it will always be a Mexican sovereign territory.

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