Cabo San Lucas flea market on fire!


A fire started shortly before noon in the flea market area on Aguajitos Street in the Lomas del Sol neighborhood, which caused a gigantic column of smoke that could be seen from several points in the city.

The trucks of the Cabo San Lucas Fire Department were there, as well as officers of the Municipal Police who safeguarded the perimeter to facilitate the combat tasks. It was the fire of the known as "Segunda Alexis".

The same employees where used cars are also sold, began to clear the area as they could, to avoid being caught in the flames.

Hundreds of witnesses watched as the fire consumed furniture, household items, plastic toys and clothing, making the fight more difficult since these are highly flammable objects, and extra water had to be requested in pipes.

Fortunately, only material damage was reported and no victims.

The causes that gave rise to the incident were not determined, since the firemen's investigation is still pending.

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