Los Cabos experiences the lowest historical number of infections


Today at the analysis board of the pandemic in Los Cabos, it was announced that there are fewer patients in hospitals, but there is a general call not to be trusted and never to lower the guard against the world's problem.

For that reason, it is still recommended to use masks as part of the daily clothing and to continue maintaining the measures of healthy distance.

The president of the Los Cabos business council, Julio Castillo Gomez, announced that there is a stage of hospital occupation of covid patients of 13 percent, which is the lowest since the previous June.

"We should not be confident because there are 191 located that are infected with coronavirus, it is important never to let down our guard, we want to have the best results in the coming months," he said.

As a result of the special surveillance on the occasion of Halloween, they were informed that more than 20 companies of restaurants and bars were suspended in La Paz and Los Cabos.

"It is better to keep at home and not make mistakes," pointed Julio Castillo.

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