Taxi Cabs at Los Cabos airport are not sanitized

Today it was revealed by the workers themselves that the cabs that transport tourists from the Los Cabos airport are not compliant with health protocols, and that the company that owns them does not provide the drivers with cleaning equipment.

In a protest, the drivers who are being mistreated by the company Transporistas Josefinos (Taxis Aeropuerto), claimed that transportation vehicles are not sanitized and therefore represent a danger to them and the passengers.

In addition, during the work stoppage on Saturday morning, they declared to the local press that the company's executives mistreat them, do not pay them their full wages, and one of their colleagues was unjustifiably fired.

The company that owns Taxis Aeropuerto, said it is willing to dialogue with the dissatisfied workers to solve all the problems.

The demonstration took place near Los Cabos International Airport.

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