Woman Arrested in Cabo San Lucas on Murder Charges in California


On the weekend, a call was made to the police to arrest a woman who was causing a scandal in a local hotel, where she was disturbing the other guests.

This drew the attention of a person who recognized her and pointed her out for committing a murder in Tulare, California.

Cops immediately arrived and managed to subdue her and take her to the municipal jail to be charged with her felony.

This is the U.S. citizen of Hispanic origin Alicia Espinosa, whose record was checked according to international protocols.

It turned out that she has an arrest warrant issued on November 4, for being related to homicide in the state of California.

The detainee is now in the hands of Immigration, which will take custody and hand her over to US authorities.


23-year-old Alicia Espinosa has been arrested for the murder of John Albers of Tulare man, according to police.

The Tulare police department Detective’s received a call from an anonymous person vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico saying he had contact with Alicia Espinosa. The anonymous person said he searched her name on Facebook and found that she was a person of interest regarding a Tulare homicide investigation.

Detective’s worked with the Tulare County District Attorney’s office and had the case filed, which resulted in an extraditable warrant for Espinosa’s arrest.

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