Direct connection to Loreto from Phoenix and Dallas!


"The arrival of a new flight to Loreto is not only news, it is the opportunity to start turning the potential of this tourist destination into reality," said Baja California Sur Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis after welcoming passengers to the Loreto-Phoenix route, which will have four weekly frequencies and will be operated by American Airlines.

The governor added that despite the health emergency generated by the covid-19 pandemic, Baja California Sur continues to work so that the tourism industry is strengthened and continues to be the motor of the economy and well-being of all.

"Today, Loreto is a consolidated resort, where more flights will arrive throughout the year, bringing a significant number of more passengers, which will allow to strengthen the tourism business, that there is economic spillover, that employment is generated and that there is welfare. It is a transcendental point in time and I feel proud and happy to be fulfilling Loreto and to leave this region on the right track, which is called to do extraordinary things," he said.

During the welcome ceremony of the first route, it was also announced that due to the success of this new course, the AA flight season will be extended from December to April, for four more months; that is, until the summer of 2021.

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