Jail for those who do not use mask in Baja California Sur


The government of Baja California Sur, after announcing that the cases of CORONAVIRUS are increasing considerably, has determined to strengthen measures to prevent the chain of contagion from growing and the police are already authorized to arrest people who violate health regulations.

Mainly those who do not wear the mask in closed places and those who organize parties, especially in the neighborhoods. 

It should be noted that in Mexico at the end of the year, families organize parties before Christmas known as "posadas".

The governor Carlos Mendoza Davis issued a decree that those who do not respect health rules will be sent to jail for up to 36 hours, in addition to being fined approximately 8,600 pesos (US$431).

*IMPORTANTE* HABRÁ ARRESTO DE HASTA 36 HORAS 🚔🚔PARA los que no usen CUBREBOCAS. 😷😷Con policía disolverán todas las fiestas, a partir de HOY‼️ LEAN el Boletín Oficial‼️

Publicado por Meli de Morgan en Viernes, 18 de diciembre de 2020

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