La Paz police harass foreigners to fine them


Once again, La Paz expats residents have been complaining that they are often harassed by officers of the Municipal Police who, under any pretext, want to fine them or request a cash grant.

Last September, a family from the United States managed to videotape the attempted extortion of a police officer who asked them for 1,500 pesos, as he claimed they were speeding.

Yesterday, the foreigners again shared this printed old guide (below) on how to conduct themselves when an officer asks them for the money.

A procedure has to be made according to the regulations, so as not to encourage or make the chains of corruption bigger.

The mayor of La Paz, Rubén Muñoz Alvarez, is known as a person who is used to lying a lot and it is believed that he will be able to do very little to prevent his police officers from continuing to extort money from foreigners.

Yesterday he met with the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Christopher Landau, but the issue was not addressed, according to the official statement that was distributed to the press.

Under no circumstances should anyone hand over cash to the police in Baja California Sur. The only ones with electronic devices for fine application via credit card are the officers in the municipality of Los Cabos.

If you feel threatened by corrupt cops, call your friends via cell phone for support.

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