Residents defended their beach in Los Cabos


A public claim was made because a company placed a fence on Costa Azul beach in San Jose del Cabo, which was considered an attempt to take possession of much of that space that families use for fun, besides the fact that surfing is practiced there.

After the alert issued on social networks, on Tuesday the company SBJG Properties, SA de CV said they had placed the fence as a safety barrier because they were doing a protection work in the creek.

The company added that they had all the permits from the authorities to place the fence, which they were going to withdraw once the work and the movement of heavy machinery were completed.

The perimeter of the fence was extended ten meters to the stream and another ten meters to the sea, which did not satisfy the residents because many real estate companies have taken over beaches and more and more spaces are lost by families.

That is why today, a bunch of surfers and local families, removed the fence placed by that company in the middle of a peaceful protest because cabeños has lost many beaches and they do not want that to keep happening every time.

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