Woman buried her dog alive in Los Cabos


A woman resident of the Villa Bonita suburb of San Jose del Cabo buried her dog alive in the backyard of her home, which was seen by her neighbors who called the police on the afternoon of December 24.

The dog, named "Luna", was found by the police officers half buried and with serious breathing difficulties, so immediately, with the help of the same neighbors, they took her out of the place to be brought to a veterinarian.

Upon reviewing her, the specialist found that "Luna" had malnutrition, serious kidney, liver and both lung problems, as well as dehydration. It would be difficult for her to survive so it was decided to give her an injection to help her sleep forever.

Yesterday, members of the "Pro Animal" Association of Los Cabos, demonstrated at the facilities of the Attorney General's Office in San Jose del Cabo, to file a complaint against the woman (named Edith) who mistreated "Luna".

The Baja California Sur state has an Animal Protection Law, which provides for sanctions of 36 hours in jail and a fine for those who mistreat their pets.

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