For the use of herbal remedies they are late to hospitals in Los Cabos


It has been noticed more and more that patients arrive in a delicate condition at hospitals suffering from covid, because when they feel the first symptoms of the disease they prefer to use herbal remedies, advice from friends and tea, instead of calling the hotline.

This was made known at the coronavirus analysis table in Los Cabos, where Julio Castillo, president of the local business men's council, said that people who have symptoms of covid prefer to take tea or self-prescribe medications.

That is why they come to the hospital with the very advanced disease to ask for medical help.

Currently in Los Cabos there are between 250 and 280 positive cases being treated, of which there are 21 intubated patients in hospitals and 37 with oxygen.

Although the report of cases is still low, it is notorious that patients have been arriving with advanced symptoms during the last days of December and the first days of January to request medical help from hospitals.

If need medical help for suspected coronavirus, call:

800-BCS-COVID (227-26843)

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