Hospitals in Los Cabos on the verge of collapse


Due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Los Cabos, Mayor Armida Castro Guzman made a strong call to the citizens to respect the health protocols to avoid the spread of the virus in the municipality, since activities could be paralyzed again and consequently, the local economy would be affected.

In a videotaped message in front of the hospital 26 of the IMSS in Cabo San Lucas, which is reported to be full, Los Cabos mayor, along with authorities from Health, Public Safety and Civil Protection, urged the residents of the municipality to take shelter at home if it is not essential to go out; avoid social gatherings and public ceremonies that put the health of the population at risk.

"We want to avoid going back to the red traffic light and completely stop the mobility. This partial mobility we have allows us to work and allows us to be busy. If you have no need, don't leave the house. We have closed sports units, public recreational spaces, restricted the capacity on beaches; we are with permanent operations by Public Security together with the Security Bureau, so that the virus does not spread," said the mayor.

Armida Castro Guzman added that the responsibility of moving towards the new normality depends on each citizen, however due to the increase of COVID patients, the authorities of the Municipal Government will be stricter in the sanitary filters and operations carried out in Los Cabos, in order to move forward and avoid more contagions.

She pointed out that they cannot allow the number of cases to increase since the hospitals are about to collapse, based on data from the Health authorities, who informed that to date there are 541 positive cases of coronavirus and a high rate of hospitalized patients.


It is worth mentioning that this information is directed to the residents of Los Cabos, since as far as the tourism sector is concerned, it is reported that all visitors from the United States who have taken the PCR test have been negative and have had no problems for their return, according to Lizli Orci, president of the Hotel Association.

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