Deer trapped in Cabo San Lucas restaurant!


A young deer was found early in the morning in the parking lot of the Tabu Sushi restaurant, on the corner of the Todos Santos highway and Puerto Chileno street.

Witnesses called the emergency numbers to free the restless animal that was walking from side to side trying to escape.

The deer tried unsuccessfully several times to jump over the fence of the parking lot.

Cabo San Lucas firefighters, Civil Protection technicians and Municipal Police isolated the place because many people came to take pictures and videos, but when they approached the deer, they made it more nervous.

Specialists from Cabo Adventures managed to shoot a tranquilizer dart, and with all due care, the deer was checked by a veterinarian.

Once its health condition was assessed as excellent, it was released into its natural habitat.

venado en el tabo

Publicado por Jose Samuel Peruyero Cisneros en Viernes, 26 de febrero de 2021

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