Evident corruption for this construction in a restricted zone


The construction of a protective fence in the "Costa Azul" stream in San José del Cabo is an obvious irregularity that has been overlooked by the authorities of the city hall and the federal government.

And the fact is that streams and their beds cannot be modified and despite the fact that the construction has been closed by both the municipal government and the National Water Commission (CONAGUA), the company SBJG PROPERTIES continues to work as if nothing happened and the seals were violated.

"This shows that we have a very weak municipal government," said Julio Castillo Gomez of the Los Cabos business council.

"The authority has not been able to intervene successfully in the face of the company's serious act of disobedience," he added.

For situations like this, where there is no respect for the authorities, here we see the empowerment of a company that works with total impunity.

This Thursday the situation of the firm, which continues to violate the closure seals, will be analyzed again in the city council.

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