LOS CABOS: We will fight to the end!


Blanca Pedrin, Hermelinda Vargas and the Los Cabos Surfing Association have come out to stand up to the offense against the company "SBGJ PROPERTIES", which is building a hotel in the Costa Azul creek bed in San Jose del Cabo.

Today it is known that the authorizations given to those who build the hotel were issued by corrupt authorities in 2008, which is why the municipal government has cancelled the project.

A tent has been set up on Playa Costa Azul to inform the community about the serious environmental problem and the destruction that could be caused by the construction of a hotel in the creek bed.

There Hermelinda Vargas and Blanca Pedrin, neighbors of the place, ask the families to sign a manifesto to the public opinion about this problem that is going to end in criminal charges against those who issued those permits.

They are asking for the immediate intervention of the Federal Government to stop the work and demolish the protective wall they built.

The activists against the wall said that they will fight to the end, because Playa Costa Azul belongs to the families of Los Cabos and future generations.

Playa Costa Azul is known for surfing and international tournaments with the best competitors.

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