Parties and gatherings are forbidden on February 14th.


In order to prevent an increase in the number of COVID-19 infections in Los Cabos, the head of the Municipal Health Department, Dr. Adan Monroy, announced that this February 14, on the occasion of the Day of Love and Friendship, events, meetings and social parties are prohibited.

He added that February 14 is a date when there is an influx of people in restaurants and beaches, among other public spaces, which could generate a red focus for the increase of patients with COVID-19. In this sense, monitoring will be maintained in the above-mentioned points so that the permitted capacity is not exceeded and the sanitary measures are respected.

On the other matter, he reminded the residents that gatherings and parties inside their homes are not allowed, as this was decreed by the State Government.

He also emphasized that if they do not comply with the sanitary recommendations, the owner of the place could be subject to sanctions and fines by the corresponding authorities.

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