Problems with electricity generator in La Paz? (VIDEO)

On Sunday, a very worrisome event occurred at the petroleum-based electricity generation plant that supplies power to Los Cabos and La Paz. A video was recorded showing the concern of the plant's workers.

According to the technicians' explanation, it was due to a hot air leak in one of the boilers and fortunately there was no situation that endangered the workers.

In December there was a fire at the electricity power plant in Puerto San Carlos, where the problem also did not grow, but all this suggests that the difficulties of the state-owned company Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) have not been properly reported.

For this reason, Representative Ramiro Ruiz Flores, asked in the Congress of Baja California Sur that the state company explain to the citizens more about the problems it is facing and if there is a risk of an explosion that could endanger people's lives.

On Sunday, that power plant will be visited by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, as people living in La Paz are very bothered by the pollution because all the smoke goes to the city.

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