The best beaches in Mexico are in Los Cabos


Workers at the municipal government's beaches office (ZOFEMAT), have been given the task of meeting the criteria of the international "Blue Flag" distinction in order to maintain the 22 awards that currently place Los Cabos as a leader in Latin America and among the 10 most desired tourist destinations of the year according to the Forbes Life ranking. 

Javier Ontiveros Fabián, director of ZOFEMAT, said that the process to obtain the "Blue Flag" award follows a strict verification protocol, which begins with a request made to the Foundation for Environmental Education Mexico, which verifies the technical information.

There are 33 levels divided into 4 categories that must be met for a beach to be awarded: Information and Environmental Education, Water Quality, Environmental Management, and Safety and Services. Los Cabos obtained the international Blue Flag award for the 2021-2022 season for 22 beaches.




El Corsario

El Chileno

El Surgidero


La Ribera

La Gaviota

Las Viudas

Santa María

Médano Breathless

Médano Casa Dorada

Médano Club Cascadas de Baja

Médano ME Cabo

Médano Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos

Médano Pueblo Bonito Rose

Médano Riu Palace

Médano Riu Santa Fe

Médano Riu Palace Baja California

Médano Villa del Palmar

Médano Villa El Arco

Médano Villa La Estancia.

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