A highway over the Sea of Cortez is being proposed


Environmental activist Carlos Guzman, proposes the construction of a highway over the Gulf of California connecting the states of Sonora and Baja California with bridges between the islands of Tiburón, San Esteban and San Lorenzo.

This will cover a distance of approximately 91 kilometers and will offer motorists marvelous landscapes of the world's aquarium.

In addition, it ensures that Mexico has full sovereignty over the Sea of Cortez, which is not recognized by the U.S. government, which considers it to be international waters.

According to the map presented, the highway would be as follows:

1.- Sonora Coast to Tiburon Island - 5 kilometers.

2.- Tiburon Island to San Esteban Island (Turon) - 25 kilometers.

3.- San Esteban Island (Turon) to San Lorenzo Island - 22 kilometers.

4.- San Lorenzo Island to Baja California coast - 18 kilometers.

Although this is only a proposal in the social networks, since at the moment the Mexican government is not considering any project.

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