Activists open 18 beaches that were fenced off in Los Cabos


Without rest, in full sun and one by one, beach activists in Los Cabos removed the wires in fences of 18 beach accesses that prevented families from using them.

In Mexico there is a federal beach law that bans blocking people's access to the beach. Private beaches are restricted.

But it has been a custom of owners of houses and hotels on the seashore to close access and consider the beaches as "private property".

"That must stop and we will not stop until they respect," said Blanca Pedrin.

Along with Hermelinda Vargas and other activists, they tore down the fence put up by "Grupo Questro" that gives access to a beach in San Jose del Cabo.

"If they install the fence again, because the creeks should not be fenced, we are going to come back and remove it."

All the beaches that were opened by the activists today are in the area known as "Cabo del Este".

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