"CALEXIT" to Los Cabos is growing as never before!


It is confirmed that millionaires from the United States, mainly from California and Texas, have moved to Los Cabos, where the real estate sector that offers luxury residences has grown to historic levels during 2020.

Contrary to what happens in other tourism centers in the world, Los Cabos broke records in receiving private flights with 66 thousand last year, in the middle of the pandemic crisis, informed Rodrigo Esponda, director of the Promotion Trust.

This "luxury" segment has acquired mansions, worth millions of dollars, which are visited at least seven times a year by their owners.

These investments leave profits to all the productive sectors that offer services to tourism, including sport fishing, which is so popular with visitors from North America.

Los Cabos is on the rise for luxury buyers in search of 2nd homes. Christie’s Real Estate reports 22% growth in affluent retirees and telecommuting buyers purchasing property in Los Cabos. And considering Cabo’s growing culinary and hospitality scene, beautiful coastal setting, and the easy international flight from the US, it’s not hard to understand the appeal.

When house shopping there the focus is do you want a beachfront real estate or a garden-chic inland retreat. While the coastline is absolutely stunning, it is less swimmable, but the surf and boating possibilities are endless.

On the other hand, the inland mountain-flanked enclave and downtown San José del Cabo are both known for their arts and fine dining scene. 

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