Comondu Government tries to sell Isla Magdalena


The local government of Comondu has put Isla Magdalena up for sale, which took the fishermen who live there by surprise.

Walter Valenzuela Acosta, Mayor, told them that when the operation is completed they will have job opportunities in a tourist development.

This did not please the fishermen, who complained that they were never told that the island was for sale.

The Mayor informed them that 75 percent of the island was seized by the federal government, because the local government did not pay its taxes on time. The other 25 percent is being offered for a tourist development.

The former governor of Baja California Sur, Narciso Agundez, unsuccessfully tried to sell Isla Magdalena in 2009. Senator Luis Coppola denounced it because the Constitution restricts the sale of the islands in Mexico.

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