Police and army against young artists in Los Cabos


A police raid was ordered last night against young artists who were drawing on the Costa Azul beach wall in San Jose del Cabo, which was built by a foreigner in the creek's watershed and endangers local ecosystems.

Since the beginning of March, the artists have decorated the wall with colorful illustrations related to the culture of preservation, free beaches, characters of local history and graffiti of disagreement against the company SBJG Properties that built this great wall on the most traditional beach.

Yesterday, the foreigner who presented himself as the owner of the wall, showed up at the site where signatures are being collected from citizens to tear it down. He said that it is his property and he did not authorize anyone to graffiti it.

In the evening a group of local police, army and national guard arrived at the area where the young artists were working and threatened to arrest them. They surrounded and forced them to erase their manifestations on the wall.

Activist Hermelinda Vargas showed up at the site and opened a Facebook Live while asking for the name of the commander in charge of this raid against the local artists.

No one answered and the army withdrew from the site. This Tuesday a press conference will be held in Playa Costa Azul.

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