The Costa Azul beach wall will be demolished!


Los Cabos.- Activists Hermelinda Vargas and Blanca Pedrin are very optimistic and smiling because they feel that soon the federal government will order the demolition of the wall that was built on Costa Azul beach in San José del Cabo and has caused the anger of the families.

Since December it was known that the company SBJG Properties was erecting this wall in the bed of the Costa Azul creek, which is illegal, but was authorized by the municipal government of Los Cabos based on measurements that were altered.

That is why a complaint was filed with the Mexican federal government officials who went to rectify the coordinates and are verifying that this gigantic concrete sctructure covers the creek bed, which endangers the environment.

Today a closure seal was placed on the wall by the Mexican government's environmental agency (SEMARNAT) and an order for its demolition is expected to be issued in the next few days.

At the site, beach activists Hermelinda and Blanca continue to collect signatures from non-conforming families. They also opened a space on the CHANGE.ORG site for the same purpose.

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