Fears of cruise ships polluting the Bay of La Paz


The appearance of oil stains near the whale shark habitat in the bay of La Paz, has generated much concern from the defenders of nature, who relate the origin of this contamination to the cruise ships that are docked.

Since last year, cruise ships on Pacific routes were docked in the port of Los Angeles because of the pandemic.

But from 2021 onwards, the bay of La Paz was chosen to berth these ships, due to the calm conditions of the Gulf of California coasts.

Sometimes there are five or even eight cruise ships that stay there for two weeks and make crossings between Los Angeles and La Paz, without passengers, only the crew.

Activists asked the port authorities of Baja California Sur to check if these cruise ships are polluting the bay or if the oil stains have another origin, since tankers that supply fuel to the electricity plants also transit through the area.

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