And the wall was demolished!


San Jose del Cabo - A great achievement for beach activists in Los Cabos, Hermelinda Vargas and Blanca Pedrin, who after three months of protest at Playa Costa Azul managed to convince the authorities to tear down the wall that was obstructing the creek.

This is an unprecedented event in Baja California Sur, as never before had activism succeeded in bringing down a construction of this magnitude, thus removing the threat of losing one more beach for the families and tourists of Los Cabos.

It was thanks to a technical report from the State Civil Protection Council that the decision was made to remove the structure, which blocks the flow of the Costa Azul stream.

The hurricane season begins on May 15 and it was very necessary to demolish the wall before any flooding of water by rains caused irreversible damage to the environment in the area.

At first two lawyers of the company SBJG Properties, which built the wall, tried to stop the machinery and loudly demanded Blanca Pedrin and Hermelinda Vargas. But the activists were not intimidated.

Today, the wall was entirely bulldozed by authorities of the government of Baja California Sur and the municipal government of Los Cabos.

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