CABO SAN LUCAS: Safety harness came loose!


Cabo San Lucas - Once again, the improvisation and lack of supervision of the safety measures to be observed by tourist service providers at Medano Beach has been called into question after a USA tourist,  almost fell after safety harness on a parachute ride came loose.

The story was shared on Twitter by Kenyatta Wodds, from Los Angeles, who on Monday afternoon went out with two friends, Lex and Liv, for a parachute ride in the bay.

She said that as she started the ride she felt herself slipping out of the harness, along with her two companions who at first didn't realize what was happening.

In the clip, Kenyatta and her friends can be seen soaring high in the air as the boat drives at high speed through the sea.

The video has racked up over 110,500 Twitter views so far and Kenyatta has been inundated with comments from social media users.

Many people couldn't believe how calm she remained throughout the ordeal, admitting they wouldn't have been as collected.

She said: "When I fell out of the harness it was just me giving up because I kept trying to pull myself up and failed.

"My friends kept asking me why I kept moving and at that point, I just stayed like that.

"I wasn't scared at all surprisingly enough, it was actually a fun experience and I'd definitely do it again!"

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