Do you know where the state of California is?... Surprise!


The political campaigns for governor and congress are coming to an end in Baja California Sur and something has surprised during the last debate that the gubernatorial candidates had.

Baja California Sur should change its name, to be called only California, like the "Golden State".

The RSP (Redes Sociales Progresistas) party candidate, Manuel Dersdepanian Skotinopulos, surprised everyone when he raised a sign asking that Baja California Sur retake its original name and later, in an interview (see attached video), he said that everyone who lives in the peninsula is a "Californian".

This has a lot to do with what was proposed two years ago by activist Cuauhtemoc Morgan, who sent an initiative to the Congress of Baja California Sur, to retake the original name of the state, which is: California!

This is what the Los Angeles Times published on the subject:

“It’s a fight to recover our identity,” Morgan said. “If we lose the name California, we lose our history.”

According to Mexican historian Carlos Lazcano, the name California wasn’t applied to what is now the American state until 85 years later.

For a long time, the Spanish used California to refer to the whole region — from the southern tip of the peninsula to what is now the Oregon border.

Morgan enumerated some of the questions he’s fielded about the California proposal — and explained his answers.

What should the Mexican state above him be called?

Alta California.

Why should the region revert to a name given by Spanish conquerors, instead of one honoring the traditions of the peninsula’s native peoples?

There were multiple tribes in the region who used different names, and it wouldn’t be fair to choose just one.

And then there is the question he hears most.

If the lower peninsula regained the name California, what would happen to the American state?

Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela all have states or regions named Amazonas, and there is no confusion.

Morgan thinks residents of the Golden State would eventually adjust if Baja California Sur also became plain old California.

“Over time,” he said, “they’ll just come to know it as California, Mexico.”

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