Puppy is shot to death!


In Baja California Sur the laws for the protection of pets have been toughened and now, prison sentences are contemplated for people who are caught mistreating their animals.

Last Wednesday, a citizen protest was held in La Paz, where the full weight of the law was demanded against a woman who buried alive her dog named "Luna", in the city of San Jose del Cabo.

The government has stated that the suspect already has her hearing before the judge handling the case.

Earlier today, was made public the case of a puppy named "Pantera" who was attacked with gunshots in Ciudad Constitución while his owner, a 10 year old boy, was walking him. 

Immediately law enforcement agencies, including the mexican army, arrived at the crime scene and the Attorney General's Office is opening an investigation.

They also expect that the person responsible for killing "Pantera" will be brought before a judge to answer for the crime.

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