There are political campaigns in every city!


If you see groups of people waving flags and dancing to happy Mexican songs on the streets, it is because the entire state of California is in the midst of political campaigns to renew government, congressmen and municipal presidents.

Federal congressional seats will also be renewed.

For governor of Baja California Sur, 10 citizens, men and women, are participating, where Pancho Pelayo, from an Alliance of Parties, has the best chance of winning, against the leftist candidate Victor Castro of MORENA/PT, who has not been favored in the polls.

Likewise, for the mayor of Los Cabos and La Paz, the Alliance of Parties has very good proposals. In the capital of Baja California Sur, the candidate with the best chance of winning is Ricardo Barroso and in Los Cabos Lupita Saldana.

The leftist parties such as Morena and PT, failed to advance due to their poor performance in government, so everything seems to indicate that the people of Baja California Sur will not favor them with their vote on June 6.

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